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Welcome to the A10 School Sport Partnership (A10 SSP) website.

The A10 SSP started back in September 2005 and consists of 8 secondary schools and 34 infant and primary schools. The partnership is managed by Jayne Jarvis (PDM) who is based at Turnford School. Each family of schools has been allocated a School Sport Co ordinator (SSCo). The SSCo's are PE specialists who are released from their schools for up to two days a week to work within their family of schools with regards to PE and School Sport.

The SSCo's work closely with their own PE departmants as well as the Primary PE Co ordinators known as Primary Link Teachers (PLT). The main aim of the A10 SSP is to raise participation in PE and School Sport within the curriculum and out of school hours. The government aim is to ensure that each pupil will recieve 2 hours of PE and school sport within the curriculum and 3 hours of physical activity outside of normal school hours.

Benefits of sport in schools

Statistics show that children who regularly play sports in school are healthier, fitter and more confident. Because they are used to stay focused, they can learn more easily and achieve the success desired with fewer efforts. Apart from the fact that their immunity is improved, physically active children will also be more sociable and with developed leadership skills. Here are the most significant effects of sports to students.

Fit for learning

It is a general rule that kids must play sports at school. If some choose swimming, basketball or football, others play handball, volleyball or various other sports. Participation is sports by adolescents, teens and children is associated with a wide variety of documented social, emotional, physical, educational and other benefits that will help them turn into healthy, powerful and successful adults.

One of the most important benefits of regular physical activity is that children will develop healthy joints, muscles and bones. They are less likely to become overweight, their memory will be sharp and their competitive skills will make them want to be better in all fields. Cognitive skills will also benefit from playing sports on a regular basis and children will develop an academic behavior that will manifest as improved classroom behavior, raised concentration and enhanced attention.

Practice, patience and persistence are the three ā€œPā€™sā€ that students will master if they will practice sports at school. Their parents should encourage them to stay active. Some of them might be tempted to waste their time, but supporting their children is way more important. When their kid has an important game, parents should go there and cheer for them ā€“ in fact, this is as significant as playing sports for kids.

Students will learn to play on a team and count on their teammates to succeed with their help. This will help them bond close friendships that will last for years, maybe decades. It is well-known that these relationships are essential for physical, emotional and mental health and they will have a huge impact on the adult, too. Practice, hobbies and common passions will bond those who think alike and chances are they will still be friends after decades.

In case you wish to have a healthy and successful child, make sure that he or she will practice regularly a sport. Leadership skills are developed and your kid will become more competitive and eager to succeed in everything. They will reach high creativity levels, their internal skills will be enhanced, they will know how to cope with pressure and learn when they have to take risks, too.

Time management skills and taking responsibility for individual performance should be learnt at a young age. Bring your child to practice sports as often as possible and you will ensure the proper physical, emotional and social development. Whether they are attracted to basketball, badminton, swimming, soccer or handball, the benefits of sport will soon appear. Encourage your kid to have an active lifestyle and they will sure be thankful later in life!