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Welcome to the A10 School Sport Partnership (A10 SSP) website.

The A10 SSP started back in September 2005 and consists of 8 secondary schools and 34 infant and primary schools. The partnership is managed by Jayne Jarvis (PDM) who is based at Turnford School. Each family of schools has been allocated a School Sport Co ordinator (SSCo). The SSCo's are PE specialists who are released from their schools for up to two days a week to work within their family of schools with regards to PE and School Sport.

The SSCo's work closely with their own PE departmants as well as the Primary PE Co ordinators known as Primary Link Teachers (PLT). The main aim of the A10 SSP is to raise participation in PE and School Sport within the curriculum and out of school hours. The government aim is to ensure that each pupil will recieve 2 hours of PE and school sport within the curriculum and 3 hours of physical activity outside of normal school hours.

Positive effects of playing sport in school

The health of young adults is conditioned by the amount of exercise they practice in their childhood years. Spending too much time on the training court may lead to unfortunate injuries and a lifetime proneness to physical distress. On the other hand, too little or no sporting activity at all is one of the leading causes of obesity and heart disease. Therefore, you should follow the doctor's advice and challenge your kid to weekly sports games with their friends and escorts.

Sport improves social skills

For a kid, school is divided into two different areas: the class and the playground. The former helps him develop his knowledge, while the latter develops his social skills. If you convince your kid to play sports, he will spend more time on the playground having fun and making new friends. This practice will teach him to value the companionship of other people, and he will grow up to be more than just a passing escort in somebody else’s life.

Athletics guarantee better health

Nowadays, it’s hard to offer your child an entirely healthy diet. The large number of sweetened beverages and treats is just too much for a parent to forbid, and you can only counter it with regular exercise. Teach your children to embrace sports, and they will have a lower risk of succumbing to illnesses like type-2 diabetes and obesity later in life. It might cost you extra to place your kid in a sports club, and you might even have to cut back on the money you spend on hot, sexy Dubai escorts. However, your child's health should be your top priority, and you must not think twice before making this step.

Exercises diminish the risk of bad influences

The school will develop your kid's social skills and provide him with the opportunity to make lifelong friends. Unfortunately, in the same place, your child may fall victim to negative influences. Bullying, grouping in violent gangs and vandalizing school property are just a few activities that you wouldn't want your child to take part in. If you notice that he has a new friend or an escort with violent or destructive behavior, teach your kid to make better decisions when choosing his friends. Change his entourage by signing him up for sports activities that do not involve bad influences.

Sport is a lifetime escort

It might not seem very clear now, but if your kid starts practicing sports from a tender age, he will most probably do it for the rest of his life. Sport teaches discipline and self-care. Therefore, your child will grow up to be a responsible adult that does not spend his hard-earned money on escorts but on maintaining his health and energy.

Playing sports builds character

Through regular exercise, a kid understands that the best things in life come as a result of passion, determination and hard work. Later in life, he will use these skills to obtain a better job, establish new friendships and attract beautiful escorts like the ladies from Dubai. All these benefits come simply from the sporting activities he commits to during his childhood.